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The required formatting, spacing, word count, font, and font size all seem unimportant to a newbie, however, in reality these little details are extremely important. All these details are explained along with useful tips from author’s who have succeeded. Lorenz works with bestselling authors and self-published authors promoting all types of books, whether it’s their first book or their 15th book. He’s handled publicity for books by CEOs, CIA Officers, Navy SEALS, Homemakers, Fitness Gurus, Doctors, Lawyers and Adventurers. For the remaining 10%–the people with the chops and audience? If you’re focused on your ego and trying to control how other people think about you, it’s not going to work.

The extent of the physical interaction in your story should be hugging and kissing. The day after a break-up, he was assigned to write a Valentine’s Day card. “Needless to say, I was feeling less than romantic,” he recalls. However, the circumstances pushed him to channel his creativity and focus on the task at hand. The goal is to write a message that’s so funny or heartwarming that it gets accepted into Hallmark’s writing database, where it might be selected to go on a card and eventually be sold in stores.

“Publish your novels through a publisher that actively seeks movie deals. I’m sure there are many ways producers “find” novels. But in my case, it was through HarperCollins Christian Publishing, whose rights department routinely pitches their novels for film rights,” Hunter says. We will let you know once they have been rescheduled.

Many have their phone numbers/addresses are listed. You can contact them directly and query about your script. These are the companies that pitch to all the networks (Hallmark, Lifetime, TV One, Netflix, etc…). They will be much more approachable if you are referred by someone they already work with, so start building relationships with successful screenwriters.


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The channel’s publishing division has invited viewers to become even more intimately involved in its stories—by accepting submissions for novels on the website. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever could have started Neon without having spent time in the psychological rock tumbler of working motherhood. Business ownership requires you to multitask, change plans on a dime, and give up on the idea of ever having a clean to-do list. You also have to fall in love with the projects you represent, delighting in their strengths and possibilities and coming up with ways to share that delight compellingly with others. “I started to hear the messages differently,” says Jackson, adding that cards from his mom—which he’s saved—began to resonate on an emotional level.

It’s important to note that Hallmark does steer away from paranormal romance, romantic suspense, young adult, new adult romance, and religious romance. As of 2022, they’re not interested in cozy mysteries. Also, novels with sex, nudity, profanity, or violence are not permitted.

If you haven’t any, focus on what makes you ideal to write this script. Point to interests, experiences, whatever has bled through to the body of your script. In order to pitch your idea through correspondence, you’ll be required to submit a query letter. Should your letter pique the interest of its recipient, they’ll request to see part or all of your script. The first step in creating a query letter is crafting your hook. The Hallmark Channel asks that you submit one MSWord document with a four-to-five page synopsis and a second document with the first three chapters of your novel.

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