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Surveys — Find out where to improve by adding evaluation surveys before and after the chat session. LiveChat is one of the best live chat tools out there. It’s definitely the most well-known, and for good reason. If you’re thinking about getting into Conversational Marketing, this tool is a fantastic pick. Integrations — HubSpot integrates with 850+ other tools including many WordPress plugins.

Easy to Use — It’s a popular choice for image optimization plugins since it’s so convenient to use. Customization — Feeds can be customized using shortcodes, and can display thumbnail, medium sized, or full-sized photos. Automated Optimization —This WordPress free plugin resizes, optimizes, and compresses all of your images automatically. Another one of the best free WordPress plugins is a caching plugin called W3 Total Cache. Wholesale Order Forms — Create wholesale catalogs that allow users to search for products and filter products by category.

They show which pages are deemed important and which are not. For that reason, it’s imperative to use them inside your content and do so correctly. If you are working within WordPress, use Yoast SEO. The plugin has an analysis tool for readability. Create clear paragraphs – Avoid large chunks of text. Use one paragraph for every idea with one core sentence and additional ones only to clarify.

The speed of your website is crucial to the user experience and your Google search rankings. With Lazy Load by WP Rocket, your site’s images will only load when they become visible to site visitors. If you’re looking for the best WordPress autoblog plugin, you’ll want to check out the WP RSS Aggregator plugin. An Autoblog, or an automated blog, is a website that automatically pulls content from other websites using RSS feeds.


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Instant Restore — Restore your website instantly using a one-click restore button if something happens. Automated Backups — Schedule an automatic WordPress backup of your website’s files and WordPress database. Easy to Use — With this cool WordPress plugin, all you have to do is either replace the old file with a new one. Have you ever wanted to replace an image in your Media Library without having to delete the old image, rename the new file, and upload it to your site?

If you need a post-management plugin, Editorial Calendar is the greatest choice. Contributors see everyone’s posts and move their own posts, but can only save drafts. The WordPress Editorial Calendar Google Group is a good place to ask questions, find answers, and post feedback. We also follow the WordPress.org forum Editorial Calendar discussion. See all of your posts and when they’ll be posted.

The writer must follow all SEO guidelines according to the guidelines we have discussed so far in this article. We recommend writers use simple language when they write any post about Commerce topics. Balance sheet details have to be provided by our writer in the article.

Run through these five steps to make sure that you love the way your blog looks so you can feel proud to share it with others. Other social networks treat you as a commodity, and assume ownership of the content you post. But with WordPress anything you publish is yours, and you can take it with you wherever you’d like.

Some people still prefer to speak to someone on the phone, so it’s great to give them the option. Custom Field Creator — Create custom fields for practically any part of your website, including posts, WordPress users, media, comments, and custom pages. If you want an easy way to display an author profile at the end of your website’s posts, consider using the Simple Author Box plugin. AffiliateWP is the best affiliate program plugin for WordPress.

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