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The article should go over the topic thoroughly and contain links. Guest pieces, as well as partner articles, are welcome in the divinebeautytips.com columns. Improperly labeled, misleading or deceptively packaged products can get you in serious trouble. For that reason, you want to be sure to work with a copywriter who understands FDA and FTC compliance. Visuals will attract the eye and add credibility to the positive reviews. Post positive feedback on your website and also incorporate it into your printed marketing materials.


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In this way, we are aiding folks who want to learn about beauty, cosmetics, skincare, hair, and wellbeing. We provide social media promotion for busy writers who are looking to maximize the potential of their work. By becoming a guest writer for Beast Beauty, you’ll be giving your ideas and advice to others. You’ll be able to share your personal experiences that would be helpful in their lives. In addition to the copy on your website, one of the best ways to promote your products is with a blog.

Beast Beauty is always looking for guest posts writers to contribute fresh content with guest posts. If you’re interested in being featured, please click on the link above to apply. Those brands can promote their beauty and cosmetic products using grassroots means like social media and gain traction even with a limited marketing budget. More brands have begun creating skincare products specifically for dark complexions.

As a result, we’re looking for new and attractive authors like you to join us. We encourage you to write to us if you are an expert in providing insights or advice regarding trending subjects and tips in beauty, cosmetics, skincare, and hairstyles. A posting credit, author bio and link to your blog/site or social media profile are placed at the bottom of each post, giving you maximum exposure to your audience. Writing about beauty products can be challenging.

Your article should help and educate our readers on the best products and care. Please do not write commercial-like contents as we do not sell any products on this site. At Power Your Skin, we aim to help and provide our readers with the best feedback to different products that will suit their needs. We carefully research and test out the best and most effective products and categorize them based on different needs.

Essentially, a case study is a mini-story with a beginning , middle and end . Testimonials – One or more sentences by a customer heaping praise on some feature of your product. Stick to one key feature or benefit as opposed to heaping broad, generic praise. If the quote includes specifics the testimonial will be stronger.

As soon as you submit the post at The Beauty With Glee, Our editorial or moderation team will be checked and take care of. Beauty With Glee Guest Post allows 1 or 2 links per post in the body content of your website. Your articles must be original, error-free, plagiarism-free and well-structured post and free from copyright infringement. Make sure you read the terms before submitting an article to ensure that you have added all of the information requested. If an item has to come and go many times because it doesn’t meet the requirements, it causes wear and tear that ruins the good relationships between both stakeholders. Some contributing writers (“Write for Us” fashion) have a habit of using capital letters to emphasize words.

The opportunity to build your portfolio and become an authoritative voice in the beauty industry. Your blog shared across our LOOKFANTASTIC social channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, with a combined reach of over 650,000. If you have any questions regarding guest blogging, let us know via Contact Us or at , and we will get back to you. Send the complete user profile info and add the bio, photo, social links.

Short videos on the topic are considered as well. Although, please make sure that you double check your submissions for grammar and spelling. Provide a fabulous title and attention-grabbing opening that are exciting and intriguing. Clearly state what the article will be about in the first paragraph. Use subheadings, bullets, and paragraphs to break up your text and make it easy to read. Your title should be catchy and reflect the content of your article.

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