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Do you regularly create images and videos that spread widely and are helpful/informative? TAA takes submissions in the form of writing, short videos, podcast appearances, and other media. We have over 23k followers on Facebook, 10k+ on Instagram, and we have a mailing list of over 30k.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Thank you for being a part of our growing community, and for your support. Below are guidelines for pitching online stories to us; articles for print are commissioned separately. Keep our core readership of professionals in multiple creative disciplines in mind. If your piece focuses on one discipline—say, type design or photography—consider what people from other fields can learn from it, and how you might appeal to those readers.

If you pick the right kind of character illustration, you will face no boundaries of what world you can create. When the subject is a lot ambitious for clicking a picture – A character illustration lets you portray anything you like. Surreal or fantastical scenes can be captured through photography, but would cost a fortune. However, for some realism you can consider using a character illustration or even a collage. Character illustrations designs work excellent in providing information about the character with the development team, but it serves other purposes such as promotion, inspiration and funding. Is one you would be proud to share on your own social media channels once it’s complete.

To submit or view your artwork, please sign in or register below. You should write to whatever length feels right for you. It should be easy to explain why it’s relevant, inspirational or entertaining, even if the subject/concept is complicated. If you can’t explain it in 2-4 sentences, it likely won’t work as a column. Reveal a backstory professionals can learn from—an inside look at the ideas or processes behind successful firms and projects. Explain, for example, how to constructively criticize your co-workers, how to build your own brand or strategies for presenting your work to clients.

In essence, show and exposit for us how you use the Taleh approach in your own study of the Bible, and how your study applies to current conversations and issues. If you’re not familiar with the Taleh approach, please check out our page here and become familiar with it first. We have a very small, hardworking team, and we do our best to get back to everyone within a few weeks, but the demands of publishing the current issue often take precedence. If you haven’t heard anything from us within 3 to 4 weeks’ time, feel free to send a brief, polite follow-up note.

Also welcome are not-too-technical how-tos, such as how to evaluate a quality font, create a compelling infographic or sell your concept with a storyboard like Pixar pro. How to sell art on Instagram – specific, unique takes, going beyond the basics.

Then you could be earning yourself some extra cash by becoming a ghost writer for our website. This contact information provides a way for Engage Art to communicate with you about the EA Contest and affiliated programming. Please provide contact information where we will be able to contact you through October 2022. This info will not be sold, shared, or posted in the online Gallery on our website. We see the folks that write for Engage Art as our partners. It’s important that you are happy with your work and how it is presented.

We don’t accept such articles, which are irrelevant to our business/website. Contact us at and tell us who you are, your age, and your story idea and we will get back to you. We are open to submissions from all ages and arts disciplines, but especially like to work with young creative types. We are looking for devotions and/or articles that teach us how to read a Bible passage through a threefold theological, literary and historical lens.

We accept content written by industry experts who offer top-quality articles with in-depth information for any of the above topics. Deliver a draft of your article in a timely manner (usually about a week after we send you a brief; note it can sometimes be a while before we get new writers slated on the calendar). If you think you got what it takes, please send links to an example article that you’ve published on other sites for us to review.

When pitching, please consider what makes this story unique, and why you would be the right person to tell it. Please note that while we support your content by providing a place for you to share your voice, we cannot offer any financial reimbursement for your articles at this time. Our design team works independently or even in collaboration with your marketing team to help you accomplish your goals. We first understand what you want, and then use our strategies and efforts to give you the best character illustration designs. So, you can be assured that your brand will be able to stand out among its competitors. If you are searching for a good character illustration company that knows how to tell your brand’s story, Essence Studios is a great option.

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