Negro Musicians And Their Music

The music was rendered by the Morning Choral Club and the St. Louis Symphony. Edward Margetson, who makes his residence in New York City, was born in St. Kitts, British West Indies, and some of the most stunning compositions he has written are songs of the Caribbean Sea. His “Echoes from the Caribbees,” is a group of songs for solo voice with piano accompaniment. A madrigal and motet – “When You No More” and “Far From My Heavenly Home,” have appeared. Margetson received his musical schooling at Columbia University.

Within the past few years, a quantity of native African youths have come to this nation for research. Possessing intelligence and musical talent, they have been in a position to givevaluable data relating to African music, and on the identical time they have made a research of the artwork of Negro America. Kamba Simango of Portuguese East Africa, a former pupil at Hampton Institute and Columbia University, who has been heard in African music and taking half in native devices.

In France, he studied under Maurice Hayot, professor of violin at l’Ecole Normale de Musique and the Conservatoire National of Paris. His orchestral coaching was acquired from Eugene Gruenberg, George Chadwick, Wallace Goodrich and other distinguished American musicians. Howardhad five years’ experience as violinist of two white symphony orchestras. During the World War, he served as assistant bandmaster within the 809th Infantry Band in France. His first place was that of the pinnacle of the violin division and ensemble at Howard University Conservatory. In 1931 he was supplied the post of teacher of violin at Hampton Institute, the place he has directed the orchestra accompanied by Percy Grainger in a efficiency of the primary movement of Grieg’s Pianoforte Concerto.

Finally admitting Mr. Williams because the composer, and impressed by his capability, Mason advised him to go to Liberia, Africa, so as to win recognition, as he felt that race prejudice would deter him in America. This “Jazz opera” first produced in Germany, was heard in sadly garbled form at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, when the function of “Jonny,” a Negro jazz band conductor is changed to that of a black-faced music entertainer. A piano concerto, Op. 36, first performed by the BostonSymphony Orchestra, October 22, 1931, with the composer on the piano. The first movement introduces the rhythmic beat of the African drum, which is repeated in the last motion. The second motion is a set of variations on a Negro music. Mr. Morris, who’s a Texan, makes use of the spiritual “I was means down a yonder, dum-a-lum.” The symphonic work is in orthodox form, imaginative, individualistic and skilfully wrought.

William H. Starr, a performer on brass instruments and a trainer, was the director. Koanga – An opera primarily based on George Cable’s story of Creole life, The Grandissimes. “Initiation” evokes ancestral rites of Africans who have been delivered to Cuba .

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At the time of the gold rush, about 1849, the tune of “De Camp Town Races,” a Negro minstrel music, was sung as a capstan chantey. In singing the song on the Ohio, every verse was repeated twice. The building of the chantey is akin to that of the “corn songs” of the Negroes, and the method of singing them virtually the identical as followed by the workers on land. The sailor songs have been extemporized at sea by the chanteyman who led the singing, and phrases and melody partake of the vernacular of the sea-faring man. Then there are two distinct kinds of slave songs,though there are but few songs utilizing the follow of slavery as a theme within the text. Widely reported, too, is “Roll Jordan Roll,” in E major exhibiting use of the flat seventh, a variant of the Bahama music, “I Long to See the Day.” Well identified also was “Somebody Knocking at Yo’ Do’,” with the model, “O Sinner You’d better Get Ready.”

The lives of both poet and musician had many common experiences. The name of the poet, Antar Bin Shaddad, lives via the art of music; the name of the musician awaits a poet to revive the knowledge of his former existence. One of the gifted younger musicians of this band was Ernest Hays, of Baltimore, Maryland.

A few years later, the Krigwa Players, Little Negro Theater, a nation-wide movement sponsored primarily by W. E. B. Du Bois, and directed by Charles Burroughs in New York, gained prizes and praise from Belasco and different authorities. These activities have been actuated within the race, thus differing from the presentation of the “Negro Players” in three Negro dramas written by Ridgely Torrence in 1917. H. Dudley, the veteran actor-producer, says, “It seems to me that there is room in New York for a Negro present completely different from the present one. I could also be wrong. Blackbirds and different reveals like it have been a success, but I wish to see one thing nearer the Negro’s genius.” J. Rosamond Johnson, who was born in Jacksonville, Florida, 1873, the son of a Baptist minister, worked simultaneously with Mr. Cook. Both he and his brother, James Weldon Johnson, obtained the advantage of an educational training.

Remaining on this country, the opportunity got here for her to apply for a listening to as a member of the newly fashioned grand opera firm which in 1933 reaped laurels in out-door performances and in New York at the Hippodrome. A preliminary listening to gained for her the excellence of opening the way in which for future gifted and trained Negro girls aspirants in grand opera in America. More just lately Madame Evanti has given radio live shows in Paris with Madeline de Valmalette, pianist, and has appeared with the violinist Marquise de Casa Fuerte in Madame Joseph Salmon’s salon live shows.

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