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Subheadings are required to make the content more scannable and readable. You are not permitted to republish the item on any other website, including your own after it has been published. The article should be easy to understand and well written. The paragraphs of the content must be kept short of about 3-4 sentences to improve the readability.

Please note, we may edit posts, titles, and links at our discretion to better fit in with our site. Thank you for your showing interest in writing for us in the kitchen write for us category. Grass Deskis a collection of buying guides and user guides about various products. Anyhow before you take away everything and insert all new fixtures, it is always best to have your kitchen plans ready.

We reserve the right to improve the article, if we feel that it would benefit our readers as a result. Perhaps you already have your own blog and you are working away, trying to build an audience. As the blog has developed I have realized just how much help I had from others when I started out.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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The photo you attach should be high quality and free from copyright issues. Also, ensure the images you attach are closely related to the topic. Guest post topic suggestions can be provided if needed.

The final decision of publishing the guest post is with the site owner. You will get immense benefits of working with us both for paid contribution and guest posting. Please keep in mind that submission does not guarantee publication. We reserve the rights to decline your posts or make changes if needed. Writers are advised to keep creating new ideas and posts even if their first post doesn’t work. We will only accept URLs linking to the informative article from your website.

You can write about the best appliances or how to use them. You can write about a specific topic such as home décor or a specific brand. As long as you have a photo, you can add it to your article. If your article is about kitchen appliances, you can add relevant pictures to it.

Kitchen write for us category is for those who are expert in kitchen blogs, food, renovation and more. And once we receive your email then please wait for 24 hours for your live link. You can also add relevant images of the kitchen tools and appliances when you write an article about their description or listing. Check out the already published article on the website and get an idea of how can you use images in your article. We accept write for us for the blogger who is looking to provide guest post on various topics. If you are passionate about writing or something related to foodfeed categories then you have landed on right place for your choice.

We will not accept any URLs linking to commercial or promotional content. The content should be unique and must not be published elsewhere online. Do not try to publish your article on any other website or online platform. Each link that you use as reference in your post must be relevant and not unnatural. You are welcome to include your own images or graphics along with your article, if you have them. I’m not necessarily looking for people who have massive writing portfolios.

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