Key Blade

An exceptionally tough knife that’s simple to carry and conceal. This mini device is smalle than a bank card and has over 10 features hidden knife pen. The most essential consideration for keychain pepper spray is dimension and reliability.

He just got out of jail and needed her car to get to where he needed to go. I will not go into great element however the ladies did survive by outsmarting the abductor. Most folks don’t survive as quickly as kidnapped so she was very lucky to survive.

If stun guns are permitted in your space, this may be my go to keychain. The Viperterk VTS shops the pressure of a full-size stun gun into one thing so small you would nearly slot in your fist. A single shock from the Vipertek VTS could cease an assailant and buy you enough time to break out from danger. However responsibly, you have to do your due diligence before buying any type of self-defense weapon to be positive to comply with state and native laws.

For instance, the house key must be held between your thumb and index finger, and the car key in between your index and middle fingers. For decades, the “Key Knuckles” or “Key Fist” was commonly really helpful as method of self-protection as a makeshift key weapon. Keys positioned as key knuckles for self-defense, additionally called a key fist. There are plenty of well-made self protection knives beneath the $100 price tag.

Our world-class employees meticulously designs every product we provide. We present a large selection of high-quality self-defense gear that will help you in defending your self in numerous situations. The technical storage or entry that’s used completely for anonymous statistical functions.

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