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All published contributors are paid for their work. I urge students not to write for free, even if the site gets a lot of traffic. A lot of that kind of content gets a terrible wrap — even if there are some diamonds among the dirt — and today it may not even be serving its original purpose very well. More generally, critics believed that the process of running unpaid posts was optimised for traffic and clicks above all else. Ultimately, the unpaid bloggersdidn’t get what they wanted, twice seeing the case dismissed.


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By becoming a Huffington Post blogger, you will earn recognition by others. It may take some time for you to get an editor to respond. Pitch to more editors within the same vertical. Just don’t become annoying to any one specific person.

Getting published on big blogs like the Huffington post is really many peoples dream including myself and I’m glad you were able to share the processes you took to get there. If it hasn’t, you can mention in your email pitch how readers would love this information since it hasn’t been talked about before. And if it has, then you can mention that since that post was received well by the readers, yours will be too. And guest blogging for Huffington Post is the perfect way to introduce your voice and expertise to an audience you already know and trust. Now it is harder to get published on the site, but the writers who do get accepted for the main site are always paid for their work. For fashion and style topics, including social media and influencers, email

The call to strike represented building criticism of The Huffington Post and constituted a struggle between institutions and agents within the field of journalism. To use Victor Turner’s parlance, the strike was a “breach of regular, norm-governed social relations… within the same system of social relations… or field of social interaction” (1974, p. 38). The strike highlighted more lasting structural relations, or at least cleavages of the longue durée.

In other words, the “mediated image” of the strike defined its reality, and the mediated space was the only site where the strikers appeared in public (Silverstone, 2007, p. 4, 27). Controversy over the business model of The Huffington Post serves to highlight changes in journalism as it moves online. Online journalism’s new economy of attention is bringing about profound changes in how journalism is defined and how individuals, organizations and causes achieve visibility. The 2011 strike against the online news organization The Huffington Post exemplifies how competing interests seek to circumscribe the field new means to gain attention. Journalists on both sides of the strike sought to discursively impose a vision of the field of journalism and define the relations between content producers and distributors.

Huffington’s representative replied in kind, but emphasized the division, at The Huffington Post, between paid staff and voluntary contributors over distinctions between editorials and advertising. The Huffington Post had difficulty maintaining the legitimacy of a distinction between staff and bloggers as the site transformed from a blog community to an online newspaper. This difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that bloggers contributed significantly to the website’s popular and financial success. The struggle to define and impose limits on the journalistic field has implications for the quantity of possible participants, and the quality of journalistic content.

The system has changed over the years, but writers are still welcome to pitch article ideas for the site. The process is easy enough, but learning about HuffPosts’s specific needs and the format they want you to follow will help your submission stand out from the crowd. We can also tell you how to contact HuffPost for other reasons, such as offering your photography work, giving them news scoops, or sending feedback on an article.

Paste the web address you’d like the link to direct to into the URL field. The first image you add to the body of your post will be used as the featured image on social media. This platform currently supports our English language site, so please only write in English. If you publish posts in another language, we will not be able to properly edit and publish them. These citations should come from reputable news publications, government studies, or studies published in peer-reviewed journals. If your sources are not on the web, and you are unable to hyperlink, you should provide numbered footnotes at the bottom of your post.

The publicity of the scandal also aims to highlight perceived transgressions of journalistic norms against which the strike’s proponents attempted to assert, or reassert, a dominant vision of the field. It was evident in the debate over journalistic distinctions that “in order to fight one another people have to agree on the areas of disagreement” (Bourdieu, 2005, p. 36). The two conflicting parties ostensibly agree that journalism is a field for which distinctions among types of content and types of practitioners are required.

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