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That and the yogurt individuals are all of the other stories, Yes together with the UK. Anything to do with the federal government permitting sewerage to be pumped in to rivers and water courses? 🤔 ToryIncompetence Caused by mass immigration The tories actually are taking us back to the 70s. I’m sure the uncooked sewage being pumped into our rivers has nothing to do with it. Murdoch has accomplished extra damage than Polio.

If it helps the Ukrainian people & forces I’m joyful to have a couple of hours with out power.. Bigger picture so grow up BBC & the rag Mirror.. Lots of nations face this every day … No huge deal Project Fear is back in full swing once more. What are they nudging us toward this time? Net Zero ideology The authorities is doing a horrible job, nonetheless these tabloids are at all times scaremongering, it’s what brought on individuals to panic-buy toilet roll and gasoline.

What is mistaken with Britain, unhealthy and corrupt authorities is incorrect with Britain. Because it was a very silly thought to fulfill some racists who should have been put again of their box! To many people listening to extremism & liars like UKIP, The Tories & Labour! Neverextremism Original transcripts written in crayon by journalist. I’m glad we’re out of EU.

Nothing to do with tax,energy prices,lack of cheaper foreign staff and hire hikes etc,etc,and so on. But yeah feel responsible guys we’re killing them off. Simon retains stanley youth america running out of razor blades, all the time seems scruffy these days. Tory propaganda not information The Daily Mail continuously publishes absolute shite.

Sorry, one thing ELSE Johnson is incapable of delivering. Do I truly have to block the BBC for stupidity. It’s time that everybody who voted for Brexit boycotted all media outlets as this relentless pursuit of the federal government is all about making an attempt to deliver them down because of Brexit. They are attempting to subvert democracy and we can’t stand by and let it occur. Electorate turn on Johnson Tories flip whitty ?

So he wants British youngsters to have the identical academic possibilities he had at his non-public school? The common non-public school charges are ninety per cent higher than spending per state college pupil where is he going discover the cash to fund that expenditure? As a mum with an arts/humanities child presently finding out his GCSEs, this is absolutely fucking terrifying. Horrendously stupid and probably a destroyer of youngsters’s futures. He really is a spare He’s just made himself & his household a respectable target for a Islamic terrorist hit squad.

Yet this thread is full of political level scoring accountable who ever you don’t like. It’s Labour, It’s Brexit, it’s Tories, It’s water companies, it’s come from overseas. It’s at all times the boogeyman. In other information the first trials of oncolytic virology, has been by way of its first pat check.

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