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In that case, our editorial team will do a final round of checking for any changes needed. With the position of SecureBlitz in the cybersecurity world, we don’t approve and publish any guest blogs on our website. If your article is related to cybersecurity, there is no better website to submit your guest post than SecureBlitz.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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They come up with great stuff and keep the inspiration flowing. Expand your marketing perimeter beyond your own knowledge and client base. Our pool of 3,000 writers will put new eyes on your subject matter. Be careful not to republish or copy an article that has already been published. Our editorial team will review your article within 3 working days to ensure that it meets our requirements. We will publish the article if it meets expectations, and inform you when we do.

Please note we do not accept articles from unrelated industries. We reserve the right to reject a submitted post without reason. You may use the Write for Us dropdown link in the top navigational menu to reach the above relevant pages. Once again thank you for considering htpcBeginner to publish your article. It will help them to rectify all the silly mistakes they made in the article. Writers must select some of the best articles before they start writing content.

You must adhere to the following guidelines to have your article published on our website. We have been around since 2014 and have a combined social media followers of over one million users across various platforms. To present an excellent blog, you should also have excellent communication and research skills. To get global attention, you can approach publishing your article. We’re always open to other security experts weighing in on cybersecurity topics. We are also open to any other relevant type of content.

Please check for plagiarism before submitting an article. If you use images or videos, ensure that they are copyright-free and that the source is credited. An important aspect of any website is its Domain Authority. We can help you raise your Domain Authority by allowing you to contribute articles to the site. A result of this is an improvement in the blog’s statistics.

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