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Regardless of what your topic is, it is important that your article is informative and not promotional. For this reason, it’s important to find a tool that can give you a consistent measure of page health. If you’re not sure which tool to use, sign up for a free account with Moz. We publish on a wide variety of topics related to Health care, Medicine, Guides, Resources, credible news & Health Technology .

Having an extensive knowledge of a topic is vital for building trust on health guest post sites. In addition to demonstrating expertise, guest posts on health topics should incorporate authoritative backlinks that support the claims made in the content. It’s now close to 200 sites that accept guest posts.


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Healthfyy is a comprehensive healthcare blog that gives you an opportunity to share your thoughts. All about health, fitness, home remedies and as many things as many you want to share about health. This is a public blog where we are trying to provide all the information that our readers require.

The subject line of your guest post should be engaging and useful to the reader. The subject line can greatly impact the response you get, so choose wisely. While a high domain authority can help your overall ranking in search results, it’s important to remember that different metrics have different meanings. The DA of one site could be 51 in Moz, while a high DA for another site might be 76. Remember to do thorough market research and find a guest post site that fits the tone of your own website.

For example, How to Lose Weight is an easy keyword that could be used in many different ways throughout a blog post about weight loss. It could be included in your headline, within the body of text, or as part of an anchor text link back to your own site. The main purpose of targeting these keywords is that they’ll show up higher in search engine results pages which will increase visibility and traffic to your site or blog. So why should someone write blog posts for others instead of publishing on their own sites?

We don’t review lists of options, provide you with ideas, etc. Read our blog and use your own intuition as to what kind of topics are interesting to us. Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility, Flexibility, Nutrition, CrossFit, Boxing, etc. You can also come up with a short author bio that boasts about your achievements as a writer/ guest blogger and we will be glad to put it before our readers.

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